12 Hours of Dauset – September 19, 2009

Event:  12 Hours of Dauset, from 10 am to 10 pm
Date:  September 19, 2009
Place:  Dauset Trails Nature Center in Jackson, Georgia (http://www.dausettrails.com/)


Team and Solo Competition

Friday – 12 noon race packet pickup and late registration (if available) / Open riding & camping
Saturday – 8 am race packet pickup (no day of entries) / 10 am to 10 pm Team Race / Camping Available
** Up to 4 people teams, any rotation

12 hour solo overall purse – 1st $200 / 2nd $150 / 3rd $100
12 hour solo female purse – 1st $100 / 2nd $75 / 3rd $50
** All other classes will receive prizes and awards to the top three.

Click here for more info and driving directions.

Good luck!

Ride, live, have fun!!

Cindy 🙂

2009 Florida State Championship Series

For $60,000 in Cash and Prizes and I figured this series is worth mentioning.  Here’s the schedule:

#1 – September 12 & 13 – Gainesville, FL
#2 – September 27 – Fernandina Beach, FL
#3 – October 11 – Lithia, FL
#4 – October 17 & 18 – Tallahassee, FL
#5 – November 8 – North Miami, FL
#6 – November 15 – Alva, FL
#7 – November 29 – Alachua, FL
#8 – December 13 – Ocala, FL

For more information, go to:  http://www.goneriding.com/EVENTS.htm

Good luck to everyone!!

Ride, live, have fun!!

Cindy 🙂

New York Bicycle Dealers

I’ve added 8 New York Bicycle Dealers to this page: http://www.biking4women.com/nydealers.asp with links to their websites if they had one that I could find.

Do you know of any other bicycle dealers in New York that I can / need to add?

Send me an email:  info@biking4women.com

260-Mile Bicycle Trail in Florida

Five Florida counties are developing a 260-mile bicycle trail through northeastern and Central Florida.  This includes Volusia, Flagler, Brevard, Putnam and St. Johns counties.  It’s call the River-to-the-Sea Loop and it could be complete in 2013.  When done, it will be the longest bicycle loop in Florida.

More than 40 miles have been completed on ths project that started in February 2008.  They hope to finish the project by 2013, in time to help mark the quincentennial celebration of Florid’s discovery by Ponce De Leon.

Cyclists who ride the trail are expected to help Florida’s tourism economy by staying in hotels and eating in restaurants along the route.

Ride, live, have fun!

Cindy 🙂

Santos Trail, Spiders Are Back

I’ve had a cold that got into my lungs over the past 3 weeks that made it very difficult for me to ride and breath at the same time.  If you have Asthma, you know what I’m talking about.  But I’m back at biking as of today.   Here’s a couple pictures:

biking080309 001_tnbiking080309 002_tn







My favorite part of the Canopy Trail – a big open field with a few trees – beautiful!!

Next, we have the spiders – they’re back!!  If you don’t like ’em, don’t look up when riding.  They are just above your head in most cases.  A few weeks ago I got one right in my face!!

 biking080309 003_tn biking080309 004_tn








Banana Spiders mostly.  I don’t think they bite or anything but they do make some huge webs.

Ride, live, have fun!!

Cindy 🙂

BudBrake ABS Modulator

Bicycle Product Reviews:  BudBrake ABS Modulator


This product says it improves tire traction while brakes, gives you a smoother modulation (feathers braking), less wear on your brake pad, smoother safer speed control, easy installation and affordable.

On their website the features and advantages are:

  • automatically balances the braking force between the front and rear wheels
  • helps prevent front wheel lock-up
  • provides better traction
  • automatically engages the rear wheel brake before engaging the front brake, with more friction than on the front brake but without loss of total full force braking action
  • keeps the rims cooler in long down hill runs
  • longer life for the brake pads and fewer skids  
  • less stress on the frame and entire brake system
  • balanced braking performance

Are or have you used this braking system?

Post your comments for others to review here.

You can check out their website:   www.budbrake.com

Ride, live, have fun!

Cindy 🙂

2009 Trail to Trail Race – Lakeland, FL

This event is a one-of-a-kind race that brings Mountain Bikers and Road Racers together for some great fun and competition.  There will be team (up to 3 people per team) and solo categories.  The race starts with a 35-45 minute off-road Mountain Bike race, with racers competing on a single-track.  After completion of the off-road course they will then do a 30-35 mile road course that will bring them back to the park where they must complete another lap on the mountain bike course.

Event Info:
August 30, 2009
Loyce Harpe Park
500 West Carter Road
Lakeland, FL
View Map!!

Registration:  7 am to 9 am

Riders Meeting at 8:45 am and National Anthem by Jeff Meeks.

Kids Race at 9:00 am (two age / skill categories, two separate courses based on age / skill level)
Race Time:  9:30 am – MASS START

Solo Classes:  Solo Men, Solo Women, All Mountain Bike Solo, Clydesdale (200 lbs+)
Team Classes:  Fun Men’s, Serious Men’s, All Women’s and Co-Ed (minimum of 3 teams required)

Race Fees:
 – Solo = $30
 – Team = $65
 – Kids Race = $10

Fun and prizes to ALL participants!!

Many of the roads along the race route have been repaved and the construction is finished to ensure a great road course.

If you are looking for a team mate, email redtrailracing@hughes.net – they can help.

Copy / View this information on the PDF document.

Cindy 🙂