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BudBrake ABS Modulator

Bicycle Product Reviews:  BudBrake ABS Modulator


This product says it improves tire traction while brakes, gives you a smoother modulation (feathers braking), less wear on your brake pad, smoother safer speed control, easy installation and affordable.

On their website the features and advantages are:

  • automatically balances the braking force between the front and rear wheels
  • helps prevent front wheel lock-up
  • provides better traction
  • automatically engages the rear wheel brake before engaging the front brake, with more friction than on the front brake but without loss of total full force braking action
  • keeps the rims cooler in long down hill runs
  • longer life for the brake pads and fewer skids  
  • less stress on the frame and entire brake system
  • balanced braking performance

Are or have you used this braking system?

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You can check out their website:

Ride, live, have fun!

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