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I joined The Biggest Loser club on September 30, 2007. I  was a couple pounds shy of 200, pushing size 18 clothes to the limit and just plain unhappy with everything. I  had finally reached the bottom and was ready to make a change. I   joined The Biggest Loser club, started watching what I was eating and exercised every day (except Sunday). I  was doing cardio (elliptical machine) Monday – Friday and weight training Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  By January 2008, I had dropped 40 pounds and I felt great.  Then my long lost brother, whom I had not seen since May 2000, came home from California and brought with him his bicycle that he had been riding along the coast just about every day. I  bought a cheap bike and went riding with my family and that started my love of biking all over again.  Now I ride just about every day and love it!!  On the weekends, my mom will go out with me (shown here) and sometimes we get a large group riding, which is a lot of fun for everyone. 

Biking49th_110808 011_tn

Now that I’ve told you about myself, I’d like to hear how you got into bicycle riding.  Add your comments to this page.

Ride, live, have fun!

Cindy 🙂

4 responses to this post.

  1. Very inspiring! I’m a fan of the Biggest Loser show and spin on the trainer all winter long Tuesday evenings to that show. Here in the north when you’re snowed in, the trainer is the closest thing we can get to a bike. Now that Spring/Summer is finally here, so is some great cycling. It’s great to hear another woman rediscovering the freedom and fitness that riding a bicycle brings, and spreading her passion to others. Thanks for you site, I enjoy it very much!

    Karen of SCAG (Sip, Clip and Go!)


  2. Posted by Claudia on November 17, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    I am new to cycling. Is there a “learn to bicycle clinic”? you are aware of?. Thanks


  3. Hello Claudia,
    Check your local bike shops. I know the bike shops in my area have all kinds of clinics including beginner, intermediate and advanced riding groups. If you’d like more one-to-one instruction ask them that as well.
    I hope that helps!! Keep us posted on your progress!!

    Cindy 🙂


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    Harry Roger


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