Keeping track of your weight loss goals – For FREE!!

I was on the Biggest Loser Club for almost a year paying $19.95 per month to have access to their meal planners, calorie counters, exercise trackers, etc.  Since I’ve stopped keeping track of what I eat I’ve gained a few pounds and I still have not reached my goal weight.

So I started searching for online calorie counters and found a really good FREE one at:  This tool gives you everything you need to keep track of to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.  When you first sign up you enter your weight, height, measurements, etc., and it will calculate for you how many calories, carbs, fat and protein you should have each day.  You’ll have access to a food diary with a database of all sorts of food info in it and you can save meals and foods that you eat often so you can find them quickly.

You can also keep track of your exercise routine both cardio and strength training, plus there are these cool little banners you can add to your posts that say how much weight you’ve lost or how much you have to go.  There’s also a BMR and BMI calculator for you to use.

It’s the best one I’ve seen for FREE but here’s some others: – $79 per membership – FREE – FREE – ? – $9 per month

What other tools have you found online that have helped you in your weight loss journey?

Ride, live, have fun!!  Cindy 🙂

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  1. Great blog and hope to have time soon to come back and read some more! xx


  2. You could also try Its totally free, has a very large database of foods and give you graphs etc.

    My favorite is BalanceLog which is a standalone program. Its a few years old but you can get it online if you search “healthetech” or “balancelog.” Its about $39 and comes with a digital scale. It keeps things organized by meal, lets you know how much to your goal for the day and how you are doing through the week, tracks exercise, bodyweight, bodyfat etc. Very good program. I used it for bodybuilding contest prep. You can also set specific ratios of pro/carb/fats and it will keep you on track with if you are over under.

    Hope that helps!



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