One dog, one swarm of bees and one bike

This is a true story that happened last weekend at the 49th Avenue trail head trails system to my brothers.  When Tony told me about it I just had to share so that everyone could get a good laugh.

When my brother Tony goes riding on the trails, he typically takes his dog Topaz.  Last weekend was no exception.  So it was Tony, his dog Topaz, my brother Dana and Rad (16 year old strapping lad).  They were headed back towards the trail head after riding to 484 on the blue trail.  Tony and Topaz were out in front, with Topaz running ride along side of Tony’s bike.  Tony noticed that Topaz sank into the ground next to him, almost tripping but kept going for just a little bit and then she started trying to get the bees off her nose and run at the same time.  While checking out Topaz, Tony didn’t notice there were hundreds of bees pouring out of the hole behind him.  Then he heard and saw them and he noticed the hole that Topaz opened up (about the size of a basketball) and there were more bees coming out, lots more bees coming out.  He dropped his bike and started running back towards Dana and Rad yelling “RUN!!”.

Now you have to get the mental image in your head of my 40 something year old, macho man, nature loving, jokester brother Tony running at you full speed, screaming like a girl and yelling.  Dana just stood there and said, “what?”, to which Tony replied, “Bees – RUN!!”.  Dana noticed Tony had a couple still after him.  Tony kept running around until he came up with a plan for him to stop and then Dana would swat them when they landed on Tony.  Tony stopped, Dana got stung (as he was looking at Tony and not himself for the bees) and then one of them got inside Tony’s helmet stinging him inside his ear and another one got him on his leg.

With those few bees taken out they turned back towards Tony’s bike, which he had just dropped right where it was about 30 seconds prior and noticed it was completely covered in bees, with more still coming out of the hole Topaz found.  The bees were swarming the area so they waited about 20 yards from the hole for 30 minutes or so.  The bees just would not let up so Tony and Rad decided to walk back to the van, head over to a store and get some bee spray while Dana waited with the bikes.

Tony and Rad bought three cans of bee spray and walked back to where Dana was at – bees still covered the bike.  Tony and Dana came up with a plan for each of them to have a can of spray and come at the bike / nest from three different directions, shooting them with the spray.  About 5 seconds of walking / spraying Rad looses his nerve and runs away, afraid the bees were going to sting him.  Tony and Dana keep spraying and keep spraying until they reach the bike, which was now soaked with bee spray.  Once they had most of them off the bike, Tony quickly reached down and grabbed the bike and pulled it far away from the nest.

Now the bike is completely covered in bee spray, and we all know how good that stuff smells, so they have to completely wipe it down before Tony was able to get back on it and ride back to the trail head.  What an afternoon!!

So if you’re out on the 49th Avenue blue trails in Ocala, be careful.  That bee hive hole is right next to the trail.

Ride, live, have fun – Cindy 🙂

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