How to choose the right bicycle for you

This is something I continue to struggle with when I’m looking at bikes at my local bike shops.  Should I get a hard-tail or full suspension?  Should I get disk brakes or the standard brakes?  Should I get a soft full cushion seat or one of those aero dynamic thin ones?  Here’s a few questions that will help both of us determine what we should be looking and buying at when it comes to our bikes.

  1.  How much cycling do you plan to do in a week or month?
    a.  When I feel like it (approx. price range:  up to $200)
    b.  A few times a month (approx. price range: $200-$350)
    c.  On weekends (approx. price range:  $350-$450)
    d.  A few times a week (approx. price range:  $450-$800)
    e.  Every day (approx. price range:  $800 or more)
  2. What is the difficulty of the level of the surfaces you will mainly use?
    a.  Straight and level, city /asphalt (road / hybrid bike)
    b.  Some lightly inclined long distance hills (road / hybrid bike)
    c.  Some short distance inclined hills (mountain bike)
    d.  Mountains all the way!! (obviously mountain bike)
  3. What will you use your bicycle for?
    a.  For fun (road/hybrid, hybrid or mountain bike)
    b.  To train myself and get in better shape (race, hybrid or mountain bike)
    c.  To go to work (road/hybrid, hybrid or mountain bike)
    d.  To travel long distances / do camping trips (road/hybrid, hybrid or mountain bike)
    e.  To go where no man has gone before!! (mountain bike all the way)

If your bicycling habits relate to more than one of the types above, then choose what you do the most.  Also, take into account the road / trail conditions:  asphalt, compacted sand, gravel, mud, rocks, roots, etc.

Looking for some unbaised reports on some of the well known bike manufacturers, go to:

Ride, live, have fun.  See you on the trails!!

Cindy 🙂

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